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What Is Earth Week Plus Northern Michigan?


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  • In honor of Earth Day the Earth Week Plus Committee's mission is to increase awareness of environmental issues and to provide an opportunity for local families to learn about nature and how we can preserve it for future generations.
  • And it began with: "Jump into action for peace, justice and Mother Earth" The first workshop was held on April 21st in 2007, while Mother Earth was not the primary reason for an all day workshop, the Straits Area Concerned Citizens for Peace & Justice (SACCPI) organization passed out a pamphlet saying "Jump into action for peace, justice and Mother Earth", and at the end of the program we gave away a living tree (an apple tree if I remember correctly). and our pamphlet said In honor of Mother Earth it is printed on recycled paper. SACCPJ held another all Saturday workshop in April 2008 that was all EARTH issue related. We called the gig EARTH OUR ONLY HOME. Then in April 2009 Laren Corie and Brenda Archambo gave it a go... great program, but too little attendance sadly. In April 2010 Kathy asked if we'd mind if she and the Audubon could do it that year. I was DELIGHTED.......... and the rest is recent history.
  • A family friendly event, held annually in April, featuring presentations about the earth and its creatures, displays, and exhibits for all ages. Examples of Expo events are Project Lakewell, Sea Lamprey Project, Wildllife Rescue and Rehabilation, Plant Based Diet, Animals of the Rainforest and Birds of Prey.
  • The Earth Week Plus Adventures take place in Northern Michigan from Cheboygan to Mackinaw City, Indian River and more. Enjoy watching migrating Hawks and bird watching, kayaking, bee keeping, a Native American Sunrise Ceremony, water quality presentations and more.