Grant Approved by PIE&G

Great news, with some fine work by Susan Page  we got a grant from PIE & G (Presque Isle Electric and Gas Company) and plan to bring Wings of Wonder Birds of Prey educational exhibit to  the Earth Week Plus Expo for 2013. If we can raise enough money to pay for Wings of Wonder’s program about Raptors, Education and Rehabilitation in advance, then we will get reimbursed from the Grant. Wings of Wonder is located in Empire, Michigan. You can learn more about the raptors on the Wings of wonder website at:

Let’s give Susan a great big Thank You for writing the grant! Enjoy these pictures from Wings of Wonder. If you would like to make a donation to help bring Wings of Wonder to the Earth Week Plus Exp, on Saturday, April 13th, please contact us! Watch for our new donation button coming soon!

Read more about the grant process for the Communities First Grant on the PIE & G Power Company Website here:

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