In the Schools

keith native ways - image
Keith Knecht
Native Ways Traditional Arts

Earth Week Plus brings educational assemblies and programs to the local schools each year. Generous benefactors sponsor unique programs in schools throughout Cheboygan County. Third-graders will see Keith Knecht present Native Ways, Traditional Arts. Knecht teaches the living history of Native Americans in our area. They did not all live in teepees. They did not all ride horses. Students will learn how Native Americans used natural resources; and how we have adapted some of their customs for today. The programs will be presented in public elementary schools in Cheboygan, Indian River, Onaway, Wolverine, and Pellston.

magic of recycling - image
Jania Taylor – Magic of Recycling

Another unique Earth Week Plus program is being sponsored for the fourth and fifth graders in Cheboygan. Students will learn about the Magic of Recycling. Professional magician, Jania Taylor, uses magic while delivering the important message about recycling, and respecting the environment. Taylor points out that the average American produces 3.5 pounds of trash daily; and that every ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees. Taylor gives environmental tips that can be put to use immediately.

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