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Here are highlights from the Workshops at the 2017 Expo:

Workshop Sessions
 A 12:30 -1:15 B 1:30– 2:15 C 2:30 – 3:15

1. Unique Michigan Mammals! Join Theresa Neal, Tahquamenon Falls State Park Naturalist to discover the special adaptations these animals use to thrive through hands-on activities. Session A and B Room 210.

2. Transformers-A Bug’s Life by Herm Boatin Discover live water creatures and learn more about stream invertebrates we rarely see. Session A and B Room 209.

3. Dance of the Sandhill Crane Jeff Lange’s documentary film of the extraordinary life of this ancient species. Filmed near Petoskey. Session A Room 311

4. Great Lakes Piping Plover: An Endangered Shore Bird Near You. Stephanie Shubel. Overview of the history of this bird, how to identify, & practices involved in helping it recover along our lake shores. Session A Room 310.

5. Wings of Wonder by Rebecca Lessard Live birds of prey will be featured in this informative talk.Session B and C in the gym.

6. The Uncommon Loon Jeff Lange follows a loon family through the nesting season on a nearby lake. Session C Room 311
Honeybees-How Amazing!! by Dale Giddings Learn about the life of a honeybee and their problems. Session C Room 310.




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