Energy and Our Environment

Date:Jan 16, 2018

Free Expo Presentation 4/14/18

David Dwyer  and Anabel Dwyer

In 2016, both wind and solar, became cheaper than natural gas for generating electricity.  Now is the time for us to start taking advantages of renewable energy.  What now are the possibilities and opportunities for homeowners, businesses and communities in our area?

This presentation will cover the following topics.  1) What are these new technologies (energy efficiency, geothermal, wind, and solar)?  2) How can we take advantage of them?  3) How can homeowners, businesses and communities finance them?

A handout with links and sources will accompany the presentation.

For more information contact David Dwyer

231 436-5654 (home),  609 864-2263 (mobile),

The Heritage Village Plank House Electrical Supply Challenge with

Mackinaw City High School Physics and Chemistry Students.

As part of Earth Week Plus, we will hold a workshop on April 27-28 with Jennifer Lee’s Mackinaw City High School science classes. Students will learn theoretical and practical details of and to help install a specific off-grid photovoltaic system for the Heritage Village Plank House.

This involvement will give the students an increased awareness of the benefits of renewable energy, the importance of Heritage Village to the community and result in an appropriate renewable, zero carbon electrical supply system for the Plank House audio-visual presentations by Anishinaabe Elders.

David Dwyer is a professor emeritus of Anthropology, Linguistics and African Studies at Michigan State University. He is a member of  Straits Area Concerned Citizens for Peace, Justice and the Environment.

— David Dwyer Professor Emeritus, Michigan State University PO Box 1091, Mackinaw City, Mi. 49701 (231) 436-4564; (609) 865-2263 (Mobile)