Transformers – A Bugs Life

Client:Herm Boatin
Date:Dec 02, 2016

herb boatin - imageDiscover live water creatures and learn more about stream macro-invertebrates we rarely see. Macro invertebrates  measure the health of a stream.  The creatures have no backbone.

Macro-invertebrates can be seen with the naked eye and live in our rivers and streams. Some of them have a degrees of sensitivity to pollution. When we find many varieties of macro invertebrate in our rivers and streams it indicates a healthy stream.   The over-all health of a stream can be judged by taking a peak at these amazing creatures in their various states of transformation. Come join us in viewing some of these great transformers. You will see live water creatures and learn more about a bugs life. By Professor Herm Boatin, University of Michigan, Science Education Consultant at University of Michigan-Dearborn.

There will also be a Bugs Life Adventure in April or May. Stay Tuned for date and details.