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Project Lakewell at Earth Week Plus Expo on Saturday, April 12th, 2014.

Project Lakewell LogoVoices of the Past is being presented by Lynn Marie Johnson of Project Lakewell. Step back in time and witness Northern Michigan history come alive with a living history  journey back to the French fur trading  and early Native American time.  Learn of the skills and crafts needed by the early natives and settlers to survive.  See actual artifacts, furs, tools, native dress, and hear stories and reenactments of that time period.

Project Lakewell is celebrating 30 years of outstanding education programs. This latest presentation, “Voices of the Past” from Project Lakewell talks about discovering how integrating “Voices of the Past” Living History Programs with environmental awareness will create sustainability education for our Future Leaders and the future of our Greatest Natural Resource. They ask that you join their expedition to promote higher environmental education through Michigan’s vast cultural history. Project Lakewell’s task is to encourage an understanding of how our past has influenced our present. The teach the everyday life skills of the people who lived in Michigan long ago, and in the process are able to reveal how the early Michigan people relied on the environment, how they altered it, and the consequences of their actions. Project Lakewell spotlight’s economic challenges to help their listeners create personal choices about the use and care of our scarce resources. By addressing the initial use of land and water by our ancestors, they employ spectators to expand and develop significant thinking towards the human impact on the environment in the 21st century. Read more about Project Lakewell at


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