Plant a Tree!

Celebrate Earth Day By Planting a Tree!

sugar maple seedling - imageFrom our point of view one of the most important Earth Day activities is known as Global Tree Planting.

— Gaylord Nelson and Denis Hayes, organizers of the first Earth Day held in 1970.



Start a Tradition!


At this year’s Earth Week Plus Expo you’ll have a chance to receive a free Sugar Maple tree seedling. (Supplies limited – First come- first served.)

You’ll be amazed at how fast trees will grow. Plant today, enjoy for many years to come. See local samples of amazing changes from seedling/sapling to mature Maple, Flowering Dogwood and Evergreens. Read more about Karen Martin’s seedling giveaway on the Earth Week Plus Blog – click here.



Trees provide food and shelter to birds and mammals

Trees produce oxygen and they clean the air

Trees shade and cool us

Trees provide humans with fruits and nuts

Trees provide windbreaks

Trees provide recreational fun areas (forests and parks), and branches
to hang swings and hammocks

Trees clean the soil by absorption

Trees soften noise pollution

Trees provide lumber to build homes and furniture

Trees help fight soil erosion

Trees beautify our cities and towns

Trees increase property values

Trees absorb air pollution –  Tree- of- heaven is one of the most effective trees for absorbing urban air pollution.
Added by Ecologist Jesse M. Lincoln


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