WOW Wings of Wonder

Wings of Wonder at The Earth Week Plus Expo 2013

By Rebecca Lessard.

wings-of-wonderRebecca directs this not-for-profit raptor rescue and education organization based near Empire. She will introduce people to the wonders of raptors such as hawks,owls, eagles and falcons. Also known as birds of prey, these birds are fully protected by laws, yet face human-caused challenges. Rebecca will bring several live raptors to the program giving everyone an opportunity for a close up experience.    She will explain their special adaptations to a predatory life, tell about habitat requirements and population status (endangered/threatened and what that means), discuss environmental issues and wildlife ethics, and present conservation measures and proactive strategies we can take to live in harmony with the raptors that call this area home. Besides the introduction to the live Wings of Wonder raptors, the program features a hands-on display of raptor-related artifacts such as wings, feathers, feet, and pellets, handouts such as nest box plans, raptor puzzles, bumper stickers, and merchandise available for purchase including notecards, hats, and owl pellet kits.

When: Earth Week Plus Expo, Saturday April 13th, 2013

You will have plenty of time to ask questions at the Earth Week Plus presentation of WOW. You will be able to enjoy close looks at these magnificent birds. Cameras are encouraged.

The WOW presentation is sponsored by a Communities First Grant from PIE & G.

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Artist, Web Designer and co-owner of Arts and Adventure Paddlesports at BrassWind Landing in Indian River, Michigan. Part of the Earth Week Plus Cheboygan Team.