You can be a EarthWeekPlus Champion! Join our Contest.

giveaway for highest attendance - image

These very nice walkings ticks go to the three people who attend the highest number of events, counting the Expo as one event.

New for 2015 we are starting a contest for the top 3 people who attend the most Earth Week Plus Events. How can you win? Keep track of the Earth Week Plus events you attend in April and May and you may win one of three wonderful walking sticks.

The award is a gift of a hand-carved walking stick with rawhide handle to three dedicated EarthWeekPlus plus event atendees. You will earn the EarthWeekPlus Champion Attendance Award and this wonderful gift. Please track your attendance and bring your tally sheet to the May 30 Adventure at Gordon Turner Park, the May 31 Adventure on Lancaster Lake, email or call 231-627-4830 with your information.

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Artist, Web Designer and co-owner of Arts and Adventure Paddlesports at BrassWind Landing in Indian River, Michigan. Part of the Earth Week Plus Cheboygan Team.
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