Northern Michigan’s Earth Day Celebration

Earth Week Plus Expo
Saturday, April 18th, 2020, 10:00 am to 1:45 pm

PLUS: Eco-adventures in April, May, and June

Earth Week Plus-Northern Michigan presents a free, family-friendly, eco-tastic, environmentally- friendly, Expo Event each April to help increase education and awareness about environmental issues as well as to help celebrate Earth Day. Help us celebrate the 11th Anniversary of this great event!  The Earth Week Plus Expo at Cheboygan High School features presentations about the earth and its creatures. There are assemblies, interactive displays, workshops and exhibits for all ages. The ‘PLUS’ is that the adventures are presented April, May, and June at various adventure locations around Cheboygan County and the Great Up North!  Earth Week Plus is one of Michigan’s largest Earth Day Celebrations. We are happy to announce that we have won a prestigious award from the Keep Michigan Beautiful Organization!  Our volunteers traveled to Lansing to receive this award.

The Earth Week Plus Committee is working on an eco-tastic line-up of events for 2019! The Annual Earth Week Plus Expo is a free event for adults and youth alike. To learn more about the Expo Workshops please visit our Expo Page here. To see the great list of Display Booths – click here. To learn more about the Adventures in April, May, and June, visit our Adventure Page click here. Please support our local green Sponsors who have made it possible for us to bring you Earth Week Plus! Please visit our Sponsors Page for Sponsor names and links to their websites by clicking here.

Celebrating our Earth and its Creatures

In honor of Earth Day the Earth Week Plus Committee’s mission is to increase awareness of environmental issues and to provide an opportunity for local families to learn about nature and how we can preserve it for future generations.