Managing Michigan’s Forests

Date:Mar 07, 2019
Expo Presentation 4/13/19
What, besides the forest, is a renewable, natural resource?  “Wood is the most renewable material to build and maintain our civilization,” says Mark Stormzand, a professional forester for 42 years.  Stormzand worked in forests across the country from Idaho to Maine—and lived in Cheboygan for 35 years, traveling throughout northern Michigan to manage forests.

Mark Stormzand - imageStormzand’s workshop at the Earthwork Plus Expo on Saturday, April 13, will address the state of sustainability in the forest around us.  He’ll discuss if, and when, clear-cutting a forest should be done. What strategies are best for producing commercial-grade lumber? And, what conditions must be present for healthy forest growth.

While recycling paper is a good step toward sustaining the forest, recycling can be done a limited number of times before the cells break down and the material becomes useless. A fresh source of wood fiber is needed constantly.  “When a tree is harvested, it’s often replaced immediately through natural regeneration or by planting,” says Stormzand, “ It’s not the case with iron ore, aluminum, oil, coal, or any other resource.” Learn what to do to keep Michigan forests sustainable. If you have forested acreage, find out how to keep it sustainable, or commercially productive. In 2007, Stormzand was recognized with the International Forestry Leadership award for communication and promoting forest sustainability. Meet Mark Stormzand, author of Stormy Outside, a reflection of his four decades of experiences moving across the country, while working in forest management. The book will be available for purchase at the workshop.