Plant a Tree!

Notice: All Cheboygan EWP events have been rescheduled for 2021.

Celebrate Earth Day By Planting a Tree!

sugar maple seedling - imageFrom our point of view one of the most important Earth Day activities is known as Global Tree Planting.

— Gaylord Nelson and Denis Hayes, organizers of the first Earth Day held in 1970.

Start a Tradition!


You’ll be amazed at how fast trees will grow. Plant today, enjoy for many years to come.

Why We Need Trees

  • Trees provide food and shelter to birds and mammals
  • Trees produce oxygen and they clean the air
  • Trees shade and cool us
  • Trees provide humans with fruits and nuts
  • Trees provide windbreaks
  • Trees provide recreational fun areas (forests and parks), and branches to hang swings and hammocks
  • Trees clean the soil by absorption
  • Trees soften noise pollution
  • Trees provide lumber to build homes and furniture
  • Trees help fight soil erosion
  • Trees beautify our cities and towns
  • Trees increase property values
  • Trees absorb air pollution –  Tree- of- heaven is one of the most effective trees for absorbing urban air pollution.

Added by Ecologist Jesse M. Lincoln